Resurgent LFO Now Trying To Bring Back The Other Bad Parts Of The ’90s

noah | July 15, 2009 3:00 pm

Earlier this afternoon I was absently listening to my iTunes library, and a song came on that made me wonder at first if someone had decided to play a trick on me by adding pieces of the Offspring’s back catalog to my playlist. Given that this scenario is pretty much logistically impossible at present, I was forced to check out what song I was hearing. As it turned out, the song was by a band that made its bones in the ’90s, albeit at the very tail end of the decade! Readers, I give you the comeback single by the second-tier boy band LFO, entitled “Summer Of My Life”:

It has “Summer” in the title, no doubt, so people will be reminded of that other song the group did about the year’s longest days. And I guess it sounds as modern-rockish as it does because it’s trying to age with the audience of young ladies that remembers the boys when they were a bit younger, in the days when Abercrombie & Fitch clothing seemed like a worthy expense and not like a ridiculous indulgence? Haha. Oh, 1999, you were such an innocent time! LFO- Summer of My Life (NEW SONG (2009)!!!!!! + DEVIN LIMA’S UNDERWEAR RAP [YouTube] LFO [MySpace]