Paul McCartney Takes Manhattan One More Time

noah | July 16, 2009 11:30 am

Last night, Paul McCartney appeared on Late Show With David Letterman, which is broadcast from New York’s Ed Sullivan Theater—home, of course, to the site of his old band’s barnstorming of America via the country’s small screens. In honor of that little bit of history, the CBS braintrust arranged to have him play a show on the theater’s marquee for the faithful gathered outside (as well as those people who were just trying to get to the 1 train); the full set is streaming on CBS’ site in a video quality that’s probably higher than the maximum resolution achieved by The Ed Sullivan Show all those years ago. (There’s also an embed of the show after the jump.) Dave gave over the whole show to McCartney, who’s in town to play the first concerts at the Mets’ newly constructed Citi Field this weekend. (Which is itself a nod to the past, given that the Beatles played the inaugural concert at the recently demolished Shea Stadium. Man, I can never stop talking about baseball!)Paul McCartney Webcast – 7/15/09 []