Chrisette Michele Has Had It Up To Here

noah | July 17, 2009 10:00 am

One of my favorite tracks off Chrisette Michele’s Epiphany—and an early contender for my “2009 awesomeness” iTunes playlist, in which I collect the songs that got stuck in my head over the course of the year—is “What You Do,” a swingy, rueful kiss-off to a boyfriend who just hasn’t been treating Chrisette the way she deserves. The track, which the Long Island-born singer co-wrote with Ne-Yo, is apparently getting the single push, and not a moment too soon; it deserves a place on my local R & B station’s playlist, for sure. Its attendant video pretty plainly spells out the song’s message, as the singer realizes that she’s had it up to here with a man who seems to be interested in anything and anyone that isn’t her. Clip after the jump.Chrisette Michele – What You Do [WSHH via Toya’s World]