Perez Hilton Needs To Be Brought To Justice By Popjustice

noah | July 17, 2009 10:30 am

Were you wondering just how Perez Hilton developed his ready-for-his-own-imprint ear? Wonder no more! The fine folks at BlackBook have put forth what they hope is evidence that he pretty much gets all his ideas from the essential UK chart site Popjustice, an accusation that many people watching the Technicolor-haired Internet scourge’s musicial habits have levied in the past.BB charted the period of time that elapsed between Popjustice raves about specific musicians and those acts’ music showing up on Perezzers’ site. (Among the artists considered: Jordin Sparks, Florence & The Machine, and Little Boots.) Is the evidence maybe, perhaps, a little bit specious, thanks to some pickup periods being months long, and others mere hours? Sure. Wouldn’t Perez have covered Jordin either way, what with her American Idol pedigree? Probably! But the piece’s underlying thesis—namely, that Popjustice deserves a label imprint of its own, or at least a “thank you” from Perez in the form of cash—is definitely worth repeating. Because I’m sure that merely getting way better promo material than anything sent around to Stateside music types is a cold comfort.Warner Bros. Basically Paying Perez Hilton To Steal Everyone Else’s Ideas [BlackBook]