Alanis Morrissette And Alicia Silverstone Miss The Days When Music Videos Were Only Four Minutes Long

noah | July 17, 2009 4:00 pm

Two icons of the ’90s, Alicia Silverstone and Alanis Morrissette, have teamed up for a cause that affects all of us (especially knowledge-worker types who have extra time on their hands to read blogs): Movies with no discernible purpose other than throwing a bunch of highly bloggable artists on the soundtrack and using those songs to score long stretches of dialogue-free “pondering” about “life.” (Oh, and their cutesy credit sequences give work to animators, I guess.) They teamed up to make a trailer for a movie called MY Mother’s Red Hat (you can already figure out the “plot,” right?), complete with soundtrack almost as long as its script—and Vampire Weekend’s “A-Punk” soundtracking the commercial’s requisite “music crazily stopping to portray a crazy scene in the movie” bit. Clip after the jump. And in case you’re a completist, here are all the bands namechecked in the trailer. Can you spot the fake ones? I’ll give you a hint: “Slightly Stoopid” is not one of them! Vampire Weekend Ra Ra Riot Minus The Bear Wilco Kingdom Flying Club Fleet Foxes Slightly Stoopid Preston School of Industry Bright Eyes Lions Dentures Aspiring Waiters Aural Sax Burgundy Beer Bellies Jody Foster’s Army Cross Eyed Chicken Tokyo Police Club The Weakerthans Muscular Lesbians Husker Du Sonic Youth Dr. Dog Frou Frou Conor Oberst Mates Of State Lykke Li Straylight Run The Rural Alberta Advantage The Umbrella Sequence The Juliana Theory Red Team Blue Team Four Non Blondes Shiny Toy Guns And the premiere of an instrumental drum track played by a kitten My Mother’s Red Hat [Funny Or Die]