Diddy’s Train Is Not Running On Time

noah | July 22, 2009 11:30 am

Diddy’s railway-themed album Last Train To Paris has been pushed back from its original September release date to Nov. 24, according to reps at Diddy’s label, Bad Boy. Maybe this is all an attempt to have the album’s release be just as fraught with concerns over timeliness as its plotline? Recall what the man himself told MTV about Last Train a few months back:

“But an absence makes the heart grow fonder. She’s singing to me; I’m performing to her. We’re in two different parts of the world. She’s remembering all the good times, and I’m thinking about if I had another chance, I wouldn’t f—- it up. So, I go on tour and I’m in London. I get a tip that she’s in Paris, and it’s 9:45 p.m. or something. It’s one of the foggiest days in London, so I can’t take my plane. I can’t drive, the road is shutdown. The only way I can get there is the last train to Paris, and it leaves in 20 minutes and I’m 15 minutes away. It’s that whole intensity of what happens on the train ride – and will she be there when I get there – is something else you’ll hear.”

A movie and other “multimedia” pieces were also going to be produced in conjunction with the album, which is also being promoted with a new installment of Making The Band that’s devoted to finding Diddy some backing musicians. Between that and the Tweeting and the, uh, apprent training for the competitive-eating circuit, dude has a lot on his plate. And really, at this point, how important is an album to his brand? Or anyone’s, for that matter? [Bad Boy Blog]