Perez Hilton Is So Sliimy

noah | July 23, 2009 11:00 am

Grammar-challenged crybaby Internet gossip Perez Hilton has revealed the name of the first artist signed to his attempt to set some of Warner Music Group’s money on fire WMG-financed vanity label: He’s a French singer with the improbably appropriate name of Sliimy. (Oh, sure, thanks to his Frenchyness it’s pronounced Slee-mee, but come on.) Perez claims that Sliimy’s music is “good, adult, quirky pop,” which translates to “sounding like a cross between Mika and one of those super-wordy cutesy singers who get one song on Grey’s Anatomy before fading into I Love The ’00s-worthy obscurity” to these ears. A few songs after the jump.

Oh yeah, I can definitely see a gender-ambiguous male covering Britney Spears going over like gangbusters in America. Can’t you? Perez tried to stoke interest in Sliimy by having “pals” like Lady GaGa and Katy Perry cryptically Tweet about him, a little bit of cross-label viral marketing that I’m sure thrilled the people at Universal and EMI. It worked on the Twitter charts, but something tells me that said list’s particular inability to be, y’know, monetized is going to cause a few problems down the road. (NB: Sliimy has only been mentioned on Popjustice a few times! That’s progress, I suppose. Or maybe just a deliberate attempt to stay out of trouble.) (Also: Sliimy is already signed to Warner in France, as a few EW commenters astutely pointed out on the post announcing the signing. So really this isn’t a “Perez discovery” as much as it is an “attempt to help a European pop star break the notoriously tough for Euro acts U.S. market.” Yeah, good luck with that!) Perez Hilton reveals his label’s first artist: An EW Exclusive [EW Music Mix]