Chris Brown Might Want To Send Jill And Kevin A Wedding Present

noah | July 24, 2009 12:00 pm
A Minnesota couple choreographed their attendants’ wedding entry to Chris Brown’s Doublemint-jingle-turned-pop-smash “Forever,” and someone in attendance found this so adorable, they threw it up on the Internet. Time passed, and the YouTube clip of the procession eventually became a viral-video sensation that caused at least three people whose blogs I read to say that it made them all misty; unsurprisingly, perhaps, the song is experiencing something of a revival on the paid-download charts. It’s currently No. 45 on the iTunes Store’s singles chart, and No. 41 on the corresponding chart at Amazon MP3. Considering that this clip has done more for Brown’s troubled career as a pop star than his apology regarding his February domestic-violence incident with Rihanna, I’d think that the happy couple deserves at least a KitchenAid mixer, no? [YouTube]