The Latest Release Date For Lil Wayne’s “Rebirth”: The Tenth Of Whenever?

noah | July 27, 2009 3:00 pm

Simon Vozick-Levinson at Entertainment Weekly worked his virtual shoe-leather and tried to figure out when Lil Wayne’s Rebirth was actually coming out. The answer he got? Well, after one unnamed Universal Music Group employee told him “[Lil Wayne’s UMG subsidiary] Cash Money just changes their dates whenever they want to,” he ballparked the date as being sometime in October; another person who works at Cash Money then said even that estimate was too early, telling Vozick-Levinson that they were “talking about holiday [season].” At this rate, Lil Wayne’s long-delayed rock album might actually be the last new CD to ever appear in stores. That’s something, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, MTV’s Shaheem Reid stopped by the rehearsals for Weezy’s tour, which kicks off tonight, and it sure sounds like a fun time:

“No ‘Show Me What You Got,’ ” Wayne informed his band, as he looked down at a set list and made instant edits to his program. “I do not know that sh–.”

After a few more records, which included a tribute to a genre defining hip-hop classic, Drake came in and shook hands and got hugs from the crew sitting in the audience chairs.

“Oh, that’s new,” he said, looking at the list on the ground for the next record. “You just threw that in. But that’s OK, c’mon.” The band began playing a beat, but Wayne was obviously not into the doing the record.

“I don’t know a word of this sh–,” he kept repeating in a sing-songy flow. Then he just started freestyling in the same delivery. “I just wanna f— you, baby/ I can’t believe it.”

And later: “Wayne said he may know the words by show time, and would let everyone know if he did.” The clock is ticking! I wonder if anyone’s received an answer yet? Oh, who am I kidding, dude was probably putting on a show for the reporter. Right? Right??

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