Miley Cyrus Has No Doubt She’ll Be Famous Someday

noah | July 28, 2009 2:00 pm

ARTIST: Miley CyrusTITLE: “Party In The USA”WEB DEBUT: July 28, 2009ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: The newest track from Disney-bred pop tartlet Miley Cyrus sounds like an unholy union between Tom Tom Club’s “Genius Of Love,” the 50 Mariah Carey songs that sampled that track, and the ska-lite that was so popular on alt-rock radio during its flush period of the previous decade. Miley, sounding decidedly chipmunkish, sings about listening to Britney and Jay-Z on the radio and realizing that she’s famous, too, just like they are. (Also, it sings about her going to the club? Where are her parents? Oh… right.) This track, which is allegedly being released on a Wal-Mart exclusive EP that will tie in to her forthcoming, world-changing fashion collaboration with Max Azria, ranks somewhere around James Brown’s “Living In America” on the grand chart of “Songs That Reference Being In The State Of Being In The United States In Their Title”—that’s right, “R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.” it ain’t. Well, she can always aim for that aesthetic high point when she does a song for a car ad, right?WHERE TO HEAR IT: Try YouTube. There’s also an embed below:

[HT Vicki]