You Have One Week To Bid On An Autographed Pair Of Hammer Pants

noah | July 28, 2009 5:00 pm

Pros: If you win this auction, your Halloween costume for 2009 (and maybe beyond, as long as you keep your waist in the 24-to-36-inch range) will be all set; some idiots out there seem to actually be wearing harem pants as fashion statements; as far as “nostalgia items won via online bidding” goes, these are currently cheaper than 267-867-5309. Cons: Sure, they’re cheaper than the aforementioned number, but $100 plus shipping? Plus there’s the whole possibility of linking this auction to your Facebook account, and inadvertently letting all those people you didn’t like in high school but friended because hey, the economy’s tough and they might be hiring in on your joke.

Autographed Gold Hammer Pants Autographed by MC Hammer [A&E]