Ryan Tedder’s Blog Post Explaining The Kelly Clarkson-Beyoncé Situation Is Already Gone

noah | July 29, 2009 9:00 am

Songwriter-for-hire Ryan Tedder responded to allegations that he Xeroxed himself when writing Beyoncé’s “Halo” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone” on his MySpace blog—or at least he did, as the post has since been deleted. But thanks to the fast cut-and-paste fingers of the Idol blogger known as MJ, it lives on in cyberspace!

Hey everyone, Ryan here. So…..i’m in Europe on vacation with my wife yesterday when I get a flurry of emails with links to gossip sites and media outlets saying “Kelly clarkson throws producer Ryan Tedder under the bus re: Already Gone” etc etc etc… Alleging that I copied myself or “pulled a fast one” on Kelly Clarkson. This couldn’t be farther from the truth and the whole thing is absurd….however, I need to actually read what the hell is going on, make a call or 2, and be fully informed of it, then I assure you I will have a proper, respectful response. I don’t take allegations of this nature lightly- ESPECIALLY when it’s in regards to artists I respect and admire. Nor do I let things like this go unaddressed. So, give me a minute, and I’ll tell u whatsup and what really happened, or in this case, “didn’t” happen.

Why is the word “didn’t” in quotes? Sarcasm? A lack of asterisks on European keyboards? I guess we’ll never know! Anyway, it’s curious that such a non-inflammatory statement got deleted, since that would seem to only rile up conspiracy theorists (the coverup being worse than the crime, etc.)—although it’s not surprising that the statement didn’t say much of anything, since dishwater-like blandess is pretty much Tedder’s stock in trade. Meanwhile, certain technicolor-haired scourges of the Internet out there are continuing their wahhmbulance-chaser’s vendetta against Clarkson, spreading rumors about her being dropped over this whole kerfuffle thanks to committing the cardinal sin of Angering The Clive (even though I thought Clive Davis’ post-presidential position at Sony Music was pretty much an honorary title that allowed him to save face and assist with Whitney Houston album launches). Of course, as many readers of this blog noted when this story broke, this may not be a bad thing in the long run for the inaugural American Idol, since she would then be freed from working with hacks-for-hire like Tedder. Perhaps the gossip in question should concentrate on his own soon-to-flop Frenchman and his sister’s MS Paint skills, and stop talking shit about someone because she has the (100% correct) opinion that he’s pretty much the worst thing ever? Oh wait, he never will, because he is a big overgrown baby who will be torturing all of us via appearances on shows like I Consider Myself A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Purgatory until after he’s dead, reminding us all of the worst excesses of this on-the-balance-pretty-awful decade. Ryan Tedder responds to the Kelly Clarkson “Already Gone”/”Halo” controversy [MJ]