Eminem Continues To Lose Himself In His Beef With Mariah Carey

noah | July 31, 2009 9:15 am

In an effort to keep everyone’s name in the gossip columns set the record straight about his prior involvements with Mariah Carey, Eminem has released “The Warning,” a few minutes of invective pointed directly at the floundering singer and her semi-courageous husband Nick Cannon, who have been acting cute about whether the Mimi-crazed guy played by Mariah in her video for “Obsessed” is actually supposed to represent one Marshall Mathers. It would seem as if Em isn’t really believing their denials! “The Warning” talks about the trajectory of Mariah and Em’s “relationship” (complete with self-mockery over his sexual prowess), drops in coos from a Mimi soundalike, and throws down a few threats over the release of photos and voicemails that would apparently prove that the two were an item for a while, contrary to Carey’s assertions. Embed after the jump.

(Oh, the days when Chingy merited a cover line on Rolling Stone!) Sure, some of the slurs here are stomach-curdling, but I have to ask: How is this better than anything on “Relapse”? Is it because he’s finally really pissed off? Not exactly the best ad for that album, if that’s what this whole drawn-out battle over some sexual exploits from the first half of this decade is really all about.//www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynt7HeKcSKs [YouTube] Earlier: Eminem Maybe Should Have Sent A Fruit Basket Instead