Chris Brown Follows Jill And Kevin’s Wedding Procession To The Charts

noah | July 31, 2009 9:45 am

The viral-video sensation that was the Chris Brown-scored wedding procession of Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson has resulted in “Forever,” the song employed by the clip, returning to the charts: It sold 50,000 downloads in the week ending July 26 (Sunday)—a 1,721% jump, which was enough to put the song at No. 21 on Billboard‘s sales-derived Hot Digital Songs chart. (Because of rules about songs’ ages, the track isn’t eligible to re-enter the Hot 100.) Given that “Forever”‘s chart position at iTunes and Amazon has held—it’s currently at Nos. 22 and 6 on those digital-music outlets’ respective singles rundowns—it’ll probably be on next week’s chart as well. Meanwhile, some Internet yuksters have decided to see how the couple will use “Forever” in a viral video a few years from now… Funny, I guess. But, uh, even the most crazy choreography-crazed Bridezilla would not wear their wedding dress to a divorce—they would instead burn it on the courthouse steps.Chris Brown Back On Charts Thanks To YouTube Wedding Video [Billboard]JK Divorce Entrance Dance [YouTube; HT Rob Murphy]