Limp Bizkit Are Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ (What?) Back Into The Studio

noah | August 3, 2009 2:00 pm

Are you feeling sad that there won’t be a Woodstock ’99 tribute concert? Well, have no fear: Limp Bizkit is heading back in the studio in the next few weeks! I guess the country’s mood got just angry enough for the Red Baseball Cap Of Disadvantaged White Male Rage to be brandished again—and now there are even strange dinosaur-related metaphors involved!

“It [the songwriting process] takes all shapes and all forms. We’ve written songs during shows in the last tour. Sometimes it’s spontaneous, sometimes it’s like trying to take down a Tyrannosaurus Rex. “It’s like a pool of ideas. It’s like a bunch of finished songs that everyone’s done on their home studio set-ups. Most of the meat of the record will probably be written when we’re in a room together.”

Tyrannosaurus Rexes? Meat? Pools? Why am I getting a very serious Flintstones vibe here? Limp Bizkit to start recording new album ‘in a couple of weeks’ [NME]