Mistah F.A.B. Will Direct-Message His Way Into Your Hearts

noah | August 4, 2009 9:45 am

One of the runners-up for our Top 12 Songs About The Internet list was Mistah F.A.B.’s “Hit Me On Twitter,” an ode to the microblogging service. The video is pretty cute; it’s a brightly colored romp through Mistah F.A.B.’s hometown of Oakland that turns each character’s Twitter into a series of supershort thought bubbles, where people can think about the attractiveness of people they run into, the annoyances presented by others, and, of course, the old blogger standby of what they’re having for lunch. Video after the jump.

Note the part of the track that ticks off all the other social-networking services that have fallen in the wake of Twitter’s brevity-fueled high-speed navelgazing. All I’m gonna say is, Evan Williams was never getting shout-outs when he was just “the dude who helped come up with Blogger.” Mistah F.A.B. [Twitter] Mistah F.A.B. – Hit Me On Twitter [YouTube via Nah Right]