Courtney Love Just Kidding About That Whole Taylor Momsen Twitter Fight Thing

noah | August 4, 2009 2:30 pm

Last week, Courtney Love took to her Twitter to take on Gossip Girl star / budding rocker Taylor Momsen, saying that the young lady’s displays of kinderwhore style were “just annoyingly cloyingly wrong” and that she should work with her hands, and insinuating that maybe Momsen wasn’t such a nice person anyway. Scandal! That tiff blew away in the wake of many other microblogs regarding the roll-your-own-craft store Etsy and this weekend’s All Points West festival, but someone at New York‘s Vulture (which, thanks to seemingly having someone on Love duty 24/7, pointed out the Tweets in the first place) caught up with Courtney in the bathroom of the It Might Get Loud premiere last night and asked her what happened. And hey, it looks like all is forgiven, or at least like there was apparently no beef in the first place.

So what’s with the Taylor Momsen Twitter feud? Oh, I would NEVER pick on a little girl! No, no, no. Somebody fucking — I would never Twit THAT. It didn’t make sense to me. Somebody took my picture down as well. I would never pick on a child. That’s stupid. I’ve been around for a long time and she can fucking — I don’t own blonde hair. But I will say that there’s some sister-pop Perez Hilton-y duo [the Veronicas] and what they did is … I personally Twittered them, about these four dresses from a vendor on Etsy, who had stolen some dresses from me. And I asked them to not physically wear these physical dresses. That’s totally different. And they made those private Twits public. And it made the Australian national news, someone told me. I was like, “What? Over a dress?” That’s retarded. Like, if it’s a million-dollar dress, like my tampon dress, that’s a different story. [Puts the cigarette out in the sink.]

And… scene. Courtney also says that she has no interest in Gossip Girl, because “strikes [her] as stuff about the Upper East Side that [she] wouldn’t want my daughter to be around”—but Frances Bean is apparently familiar with it. Also, Courtney’s Twitter? It’s locked now, just like Dave Navarro’s. They left the Net because of you! And me, and all of us. Sigh.Vulture Goes to the Bathroom With Courtney Love [Vulture] Earlier: Courtney Love Is Not All That Convinced By Taylor Momsen