Jon Bon Jovi’s Hopes Of Being A Sports Titan Go Down In A Blaze Of Glory

noah | August 4, 2009 5:00 pm

New Jersey wannabe Bard Jon Bon Jovi is one of the majority owners of the Philadelphia Soul, the City Of Brotherly Love’s team in the high-scoring, low-regarded Arena Football League. Or was, anyway: Reports (including one from the Facebook wall of another AFL team’s president) are claiming that the league, which had already suspended its 2009 season, is shutting down for good. In addition to the aforementioned Facebook post—which went up Sunday night—another owner told the Orlando Sentinel that the league would be suspending operations and entering Chapter 7 liquidation. “If you had asked me 90 days ago, I would have told you there was a 98 percent chance that the league would be back and playing in 2010. I am so upset. I have dedicated 12 years of my life to arena football and it’s a shame to see it slip away,” Arizona Rattlers owner Brett Bouchy told the paper. So far Jon has been mum, but I’m sure he’s recalling better times, like when he shot the philanthropic video for the band’s hit “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” with members of the team:

The Soul are the league’s reigning champs, having won the Arena Bowl 59-56 last July. Hey, at least they went out on top! [Philadelphia Daily News] Bon Jovi – Who Says You Can’t Go Home [Dailymotion]