Katy Perry Hates How The Music Industry Runs Hot And Cold With New Artists

noah | August 5, 2009 3:30 pm

“@katyperry tweeted some pretty universal ideas re: artist development last night… or the lack thereof today,” Dave Navarro noted on Twitter this morning, adding that in his not-so-humble opinion, any Pink Floyd of today would have probably been dropped before they had the chance to make their own Dark Side Of The Moon. (Your mileage may vary on the fallout from that particular scenario, of course.) What did Perry—who, despite not yet being 25, has been in the music business for what could be seen as a long time—have to say? A slightly edited-for-clarity version of her Tweets after the jump.

When I grow up I wanna be just like Gwen Stefani… It’s not a race it’s a marathon. I keep telling myself this. Think of the big picture. I think music is weird these days, people don’t—well the music industry doesn’t let u grow anymore, everything has 2B now, so immediate. Like watching Gwen tonight that was [15 years] In the making. I can’t wait to make magic like that in 15 yrs, I just don’t know if people will wait for people to grow like they used to. Music is not fast food… It should change & grow and not be such competition of who’s on top or not. I think since we live in such an Internet-fueled world w/everything @ our finger tips immediately we all want our musicians to b of Beyonce/Madonna level from the get when we forget those amazing girls have been doing it for 15-25 years. I’m so thankful for the wonderful new fans & hope u guys will grow with me. Okay, that’s it… Just wanted to yack. love, Katy. Go grab ur dreams now and make them true life.

Now, some people might think that Katy Perry is the last person who comes to mind when one thinks of “an artist with legs.” And it’s no secret that she annoys the piss out of me more often than not. But one, her two songs on the Kelly Clarkson record are two of my favorites; and two, she kind of does have a point about the industry not letting bands grow—just look at [insert artist who you liked who was only given one shot to prove herself and subsequently wound up in the cutout bin here]. What I’m wondering is, how much of this discussion is the result of discussions about her follow-up to One Of The Boys, which, with its three top 10 singles, did have relative longevity in an era where even Madonna can be rendered a “one-hit wonder” over the course of an album?Katy Perry [Twitter]