Justin Bieber: The New, Adorable, Canadian Face Of Teenpop

noah | August 7, 2009 2:00 pm

In the half-hour leading up to my liveblog of MTV Hits, I saw a lot of young pop hopefuls dancing across the screen—the average age was so low, in fact, that Taylor Swift and Jordin Sparks came off like elder stateswomen. The star who stuck out the most to me was probably Justin Bieber, a 15-year-old Canadian who got his start on YouTube and whose covers eventually got the attention of Usher. “One Time” is a pretty adorable little slice of pop-and-B that brings together the GarageBand presets of “Love In This Club” with some cheek-pinch-worthy adorableness. (And the video even has a not-very-subtle ad for the iPhone!) Clip after the jump.

How to know that he’s a cut above the other pop tartlets who are in MTV Hits’ rotation: There are already completely false death rumors swirling around him. And maybe he’ll be the first in a new slew of teenpop hopefuls to flutter into the rotation of Top 40 stations and MTV? After all, Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana are this year’s two biggest-selling musicians who are still alive. Justin Bieber – One Time [Dailymotion] 2009 in pop music: It’s Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift and Michael Jackson [LAT]