The Sugababes Continue Their Star-Spangled Makeover

noah | August 10, 2009 11:00 am

Over the weekend, the Sugababes played the Midlands Music Festival in Staffordshire, England, and they previewed a couple of new songs from their seventh album, a.k.a. their forthcoming attempt to break America with the assistance of Jay-Z. “About A Girl,” penned by the Moroccan-Swedish Lady GaGa collaborator RedOne, and “Thank You For The Heartbreak,” written by the Norwegian Ne-Yo collaborators StarGate, are both way better than the Pussycat Dolls-ish mess that was the album’s first single “Get Sexy.” But will it be enough for them to catch the ears of fickle U.S. radio listeners? Decide for yourself after the jump. “About A Girl”]

First impression: Love the vocalizing on the chorus. Hate that people will say “oh they’re just GaGa ripoffs” if the studio version leaves in the song-opening shoutout to RedOne. “Thank You For The Heartbreak”
First impression: Not as good as “About” to these ears, but I think the studio version will sound way better. [HT: Vicki]