Oh My God: Perez Hilton Inexplicably Thinks His Fans Will Have Good Taste In Anything At All

noah | August 10, 2009 1:00 pm

Gossip scourge Perez Hilton’s foray into the music business is continuing full-speed ahead; over the weekend the Technicolor-haired argument against the Internet announced that he’d be putting on a branded tour called Perez Hilton Presents, which is taking place this fall and which will apparently include “the hottest acts on the planet—from all over the world!” (To be fair, some of Perez’s readers might not be all that sure what the word “planet” means.) Today Perez announced that one of the acts on the tour would be none other than the Idolator-beloved Norewgian singer Ida Maria. Which is kind of a bummer, for a lot of reasons! Not only is attaching one’s brand to a wagon dragged along by Perez Freakin’ Hilton dubious for any performer, and even moreso for a performer who’s a bad-ass woman, it also can possibly result in blowback. Like the fact that the anonymous hordes who comment on the site are pretty much turning fully against Perezzers at this point, and are ready to pounce on anything that he throws his recently reduced weight behind. Like this bit of “critisism” from “Rarara”:

Awfulllll. If you want to do well in the music industry you have to slow down and really think about your decisions. I would never listen to this music, let alone buy any of it. So, its agreed. You will probably be paying people to go to your shows. Constructive critisism?

And another reaction, from the subtly named abullet4perez:

WOW! What COMPLETE garbage ! She SUX!

Meanwhile, there were other commenters who took the opportunity to trash both the band and the brand, like Wilisfitinyamouth:

WOW! Fucking terrible, like your site lately.

My reaction? It’s pretty much summed up by another anonymous commenter, xxNxx:

Ida Maria is great…..didn’t think she was this desperate tho

Yeah, for real. I mean, I know it’s hard to break in the States, especially for a woman who performs rock and roll, but attaching yourself to Perez Hilton at this point in time—post will.i.am slur, post-outing of his ghostwriters, post-maybe people realizing that he’s just a horrible person who needs to slither back into F-list obscurity ASAP–just seems like a bad idea. Ida Maria, you deserve so much better! Perez Hilton Presents… [Perez Hilton] Ida Maria [MySpace]