“Stripper Radio” May Actually Be Slightly Preferable To The Format Replacing It

noah | August 11, 2009 9:00 am

Last week, we noted that the Denver metropolitan area had a new radio format geared toward “stripper music,” the sort of stuff that one might hear in a gentleman’s club like “Crazy Bitch” and, uh, “Life Is A Highway.” As we figured, the format was basically a way for the station’s management to transition from the knowledge-worker-friendly Indie 101.5 to something a lot louder. And angrier. Yes, Denver now has a new talk-radio station—please welcome The Truth, a parade of apoplectic polemicists that includes nationally syndicated “leading lights” of the radio industry like Mancow and Michael Savage. (In case you don’t know who either of those guys are, consider yourself lucky, because they are basically plankton with headphones attached, the worst kind of bottom-feeders on culture this side of this guy.) But apparently The Pole will still be around on the weekends—who wants to actually think then, right?—and as a way of tying the two formats together, The Pole’s site now has a “stripper pole” where it asks dancers questions on the politics of the day:

Today we ask our dancers, “Do you think that the Obama health plan will lead to further privatization of essential services or will it follow the UK matrix and delineate self-supportive entrepreneurs?” Angina – O who? Fonda – You said there wasn’t going to be any math involved. Nikki – It’s a cold sore, seriously. Will you get off my Back about it? Precious – I don’t know, but it’ll cost you $25 more for bareback and it’ll have to be at your place. Trinity – It really doesn’t matter to me as long as the county keeps giving me my Depo shot every month. One more kid and my fucking uterus is going to fall out and that will be bad for business. Though, some of these freaks would be into that shit.

And that’s merely a sampling of answers. So, in sum: We are all doomed. Especially when you consider that I haven’t even mentioned that one of the station’s marquee advertisers just happens to be a cross between SuperCuts and Hooters.101.5 The Pole [Official site]The Truth Denver [Official site] Related: Women At Risk [NYT] Earlier: “Stripper Radio” May Be A Stunt, But It’s Still A Pretty Depressingly Plausible Format