Which Pop Star Will Lady GaGa Rip Off At This Year’s Video Music Awards?

noah | August 12, 2009 3:30 pm

An article from the still-vaguely-interested-in-music channel MTV’s news arm runs down a few potential sources of “inspiration” for the Video Music Awards performance of kleptomaniacal pop star Lady GaGa, who along with Jay-Z was just announced as a performer on the Sept. 13 broadcast. The MTV braintrust seems to give the nod to Britney Spears (whether with snake, with striptease, or with ‘NSync) and Madonna (especially that Marie Antoinette-inspired reworking of “Vogue” from 1990), but wouldn’t it be great if she just took on the Xeroxing allegations head-on and revamped her tourmate Kanye West’s startling version of “Love Lockdown” from last year for her own purposes? Just think—it could actually be art! Sort of!Can Lady Gaga Top These Iconic MTV VMA Performances? [MTV]