Aerosmith’s Stone Has Been Chipped

noah | August 14, 2009 10:00 am
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nasty spill suffered by Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler at a show in Sturgis, S.D., gave the wiry frontman a broken shoulder and a few new stitches in his head. The band canceled all of its tour dates in Canada earlier this week, but apparently Tyler’s injuries will need more time to heal; the rest of its injury-plagued summer tour has been completely canceled. Statements from Tyler’s bandmates after the jump.

“Words can’t express the sadness I feel for having to cancel this tour,” says JOE PERRY. “I would like to thank our loyal fans for sticking by us through thick and thin and all the good energy they are sending our way. We hope we can get the Aerosmith machine up and running again as soon as possible. I sure am going to miss playing with ZZ Top just as I’m sure the fans are going to miss seeing them playing with us as well. Hope to see you sooner than later.” JOE adds, “My hat’s off to our crew for putting up with this crazy stop and start tour. In my estimation, it was one of the best looking and best run tours we’ve ever had. Us road dawgs will meet again. May your wheels keep turning and your load in’s stay smooth.” “All of us here in the AEROSMITH organization and all of the people who contribute to making our shows possible are in a state of shock,” BRAD WHITFORD says. “We never anticipated this tour coming to such a swift and unfortunate ending. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Steven for a speedy recovery and return to good health.”

Here’s hoping Tyler is OK, and that bassist Tom Hamilton—who was off the tour to recuperate from surgery—is on the mend as well. Aerosmith [Official site]