Madonna: Still Better Than Everyone At Making Catholics Really, Really Angry

noah | August 14, 2009 4:00 pm

Was I the only person whose super-Catholic parents were very cheesed off by Madonna when she first made her appearance on the pop scene back in the day? I wasn’t even allowed to buy Like A Virgin because of all the associations between The Fake Virgin Madonna and the Real Virgin Madonna—you know, the one who gave birth to Jesus, and who’s basically regarded as the No. 1 lady in the entire religion. (I was, however, allowed to buy the “Material Girl” 12-inch as a compromise. Or, well, I did, whether or not I was allowed to.) (Hi Mom!) Well, it’s somewhat comforting to know that she can still rile people living in this much-more-degraded age, like the hardline Catholics of Poland, who have branded Madge a “crypto-Satanist” and condemned the coincidence of her concert in Warsaw and the Feast Of The Assumption, a very holy day in the religion because it celebrates Mary’s ascension to heaven. Just look at these quotes! “Madonna specializes in offending religious feelings… It is possible to suspect her of being a crypto-Satanist,” said Marian Baranski, deputy head of something called the “Faith and National Tradition Defense Committee ‘Pro Polonia.'” “Madonna sneers at Jesus Christ, the symbol of the cross and all Christians,” said former Parliament member Zygmunt Wrzodak. “Sneers at”? I dunno, I always thought her expression was more come-hither. Oh, but wait, I guess that isn’t much better in the eyes of these folks! Polish nationalists blast planned Madonna concert [Reuters]