Wolfgang Van Halen Is Once Again Traveling Through Time

noah | August 17, 2009 9:15 am

Van Halen’s attempts to erase former bassist Michael Anthony from its history and swap in any trace of him with images of Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang, have been as welldocumented as they’ve been awkward. So it probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that the forthcoming release of a VH-themed edition of Guitar Hero—which only uses songs from the band’s David Lee Roth-era catalogue—has digitially added the 18-year-old bassist to performances that would have taken place some seven years before his birth. Indeed, the trailer that featured Wolfie rocking out to “Panama” while wearing ’80s-throwback gear debuted online a week and a half ago, and I only heard about it at a party yesterday. There was no outrage! Could it be that people have just gotten used to these sorts of shenanigans, or does the game have zero buzz thanks to it being released in the shadows of The Beatles: Rock Band, and in a rapidly softening marketplace? (After all, GH:VH is being thrown in for free for anyone who plunks down the cash for Guitar Hero 5, which is coming out Sept. 1.) Decide for yourself as you watch the trailer below. The trailer:

The game’s out Dec. 22. The Hagar/Cherone-free track list: * Ain’t Talkin Bout Love * And The Cradle Will Rock * Atomic Punk * Beautiful Girls * Cathedral (solo) * Dance The Night Away * Eruption (solo) * Everybody Wants Some * Feel Your Love Tonight * Hang ‘Em High * Hear About It Later * Hot For Teacher * Ice Cream Man * I’m The One * Jamie’s Cryin * Jump * Little Guitars * Loss Of Control * Mean Street * Panama * Pretty Woman * Romeo Delight * Running With The Devil * So This Is Love * Somebody Get Me A Doctor * Spanish Fly (solo) * Unchained * You Really Got MeGuitar Hero Van Halen [Official site]‘Guitar Hero: Van Halen’ Official Trailer Available [Blabbermouth]