Tommy Lee Plays With Fire, Gets Burned

noah | August 18, 2009 12:00 pm

Mötley Crüe’s clothing-optional drummer Tommy Lee is sitting out a few shows in the coming days because he burned his hand last week… while playing with a set of sparklers. (Perhaps he was celebrating the Fourteenth Of August?) Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx addressed his bandmate’s injury in a blog post that recalled the best bits of the band’s classic tell-all The Dirt, and announced that a dude from Sevendust would be filling in for Lee for the coming shows:

Motley has always been an interesting animal. The Magic is somewhat unstoppable because it is what it is, it’s Motley.” An incongruous mixture” to quote my digital dictionary. Even when accidents happen, we pull it together, even if only by pulling a horseshoe outta our Motley ass.:)….. …. So to get to the point, Yes Tommy messed up his hand pretty bad, and yes accidents do happen and yes frustration does happen to everybody including Tommy who would rather play drums (even with a damaged hand) than just about anything in the whole world. But following doctor’s orders for a few shows is what we have to right now.( or cancel shows ) We all wanna say were sorry Tommy has to sit out a couple shows, But we hope to have him back up on the drums ASAP. Until then, he is at all the shows, jumping around, helping out with vocals and playing piano ever so lightly on Home Sweet Home….. …. Now to the hero of the day…Mr. Morgan Rose, the monstrous drummer from Sevendust.Morgan flew out with only minutes to go before there were no flights left from Atlanta. He came charging in like a knight in shining armor, drum pedals and sticks in hand, stepping onstage and pretty much nailing the show top to bottom first time out. I think Morgan needs a Standing ovation for his dedication to kicking ass and helping not only Motley crue out, but the road crew and everybody else out here whose life’s would been effected. …Thank you bro……. …. As for now, Motley Crue is a five-piece band… making history, one injury at a time…hahhaha….

Ellipses his, in case you were wondering. This is the latest injury to plague the summer tour circuit; Aerosmith’s series of injuries eventually led to them dropping off the tour with ZZ Top, while the constant dings suffered by concert promoter Live Nation have resulted in them slashing prices every Wednesday until someone, anyone, can help them fill seats. Not to be all morbid and ask “who will be next,” but this year just seems sorta cursed, no? motley |ˈmätlē|…. [Nikki Sixx’s MySpace Blog] Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee Burned, Crue Fest Rolls On With Fill-In Drummer [Billboard]