What If Weezer’s “Raditude” Is An Album Title Created By/For/On the Internet?

noah | August 18, 2009 1:30 pm

In the wake of releasing a pretty decent new track yesterday, Weezer has announced the title of its forthcoming seventh album, and it has already riled up the corners of the Internet that like to get upset about these sorts of things. Calling it Raditude kind of helped! Weezer’s official site has something resembling an explanation of the title:

..MEANWHILE, the album that the new single is drawn from, Weezer’s 7th Album due out on October 27, DOES INDEED have a title, and the title is “Raditude”! “Raditude”?? WHAT is “Raditude”? WHO is “Raditude”? WHERE is “Raditude”? WHEN is “Raditude”? HOW is “Raditude”? DONDE ES “Raditude”? QUIERO “Raditude”? Là où “Raditude”? Pourquoi “Raditude”? Quand “Raditiude”? Quel “Raditude”? Waar “Raditude”? Waarom “Raditude”? Wanneer “Raditude”? Welke “Raditude”? Wo “Raditude”? Warum “Raditude”? Wenn “Raditude”? Welches “Raditude”? Dove “Raditude”? Perché “Raditude”? Quando “Raditude”? Quale “Raditude”? Raditude “Raditude”? ….”Raditude”?

So many questions! And they’re enough to give Internet expert (and former Idolator contributor) Christopher R. Weingarten inspiration for a theory behind it:

Weezer’s head is up the internet’s ass. Wouldn’t be shocked if stupid LP title was a conscious effort for “argument memes”

Indeed, we’ve spoken here before about Rivers Cuomo et al’s tendencies toward using the Internet to keep its brand alive and kicking, and given that the above announcement offers up a slightly mangled version of the old “who/what/where/when/why” template to pummel the audience with questions—without ever answering them!—one could think that a stage for arguing is pretty much being set out, complete with slightly uncomfortable chairs. . Alternately, maybe the album was titled via the old “pick a page from Urban Dictionary at random” trick? Hey, the merch tie-in potential is already there!2009/08/17 A Single, An Album, Bread, Wine, Cheese, a USB port, and Thou [Weezer]Weezer’s head [1000TimesYes]