Creed Not Messing With The Formula, For Better Or Worse

noah | August 18, 2009 3:00 pm

ARTIST: CreedTITLE: “Overcome”WEB DEBUT: Aug. 18, 2009ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: Last night I went to a horrifying Mets game that was mostly notable for my current purposes because of the at-bat music of Brian Schneider. His current batting average? .186. His choice of at-bat music, still, after all these months of losses and strikeouts and screaming back pages and teammates being relegated to the ever-growing disabled list? Creed. He went back and forth between “Higher” and “My Sacrifice,” riding the pummeling guitar of Mark Tremonti and the unmistakable yarl of Scott Stapp to an 0-for-4 night. But hey, why should the mounting losses and those awful numbers matter if coming out to Creed works for Brian? Upon listening to “Overcome,” you have to wonder if a somewhat dubious devotion to routine isn’t a trait that’s common among both the spacesuit-outfitted Mets catcher and the recently reunited pomp-grunge outfit. It’s a cruel world out there, one that’s getting crueler by the day, and maybe we all just want to be safe, you know? Hide in our riffs that sound like microwaved leftovers from 2002’s rock playlists, take comfort in growled-out platitudes that sounded pretty deep back in the day? It’s a theory, anyway.WHERE TO FIND IT: Rips of the CDQ version are getting pulled from YouTube really quickly, but there are a few live videos of the track rolling around.