How To Make At Least A Few Nerds Want To Pay For Music: Geek Jokes, Cute Girls

noah | August 21, 2009 10:00 am

This just in: A team of highly mobilized geeks can move the needle on low-level online charts! The latest cultural curio to prove this maxim is “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar,” a little piece of synthy novelty-pop tied into the Web series The Guild. The song was apparently packed with enough nerd-friendly innuendos—sample lyric: “Grab your mouse and stroke the keys / Here in cyberspace there’s no disease”—to make it worth money in the minds of at least a few of the notoriously payment-averse types who consider themselves both geeks and music fans; it’s so far reached No. 1 on the Amazon MP3 chart and No. 2 on iTunes’ music video chart. Of course, it’s not in the much larger iTunes Top 100 as of this writing—perhaps because it doesn’t feature a Jonas Brother?—but hey, we might as well all be reminded of the importance of pandering to that vocal minority of people who really like technology, right? Clip after the jump.

The track was co-written by Guild creator/star Felicia Day (the redhead) and Jed Whedon, who worked with Day on the Neil Patrick Harris musical Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along. Which I, somehow, have still not seen! “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” [YouTube] The Guild [Official site] ‘Do You Want To Date My Avatar’ #1 on iTunes and Amazon [Digital City via Fark]