Karen O Incorporates The Kids

noah | August 24, 2009 11:30 am

It would appear that child-assisted music is the next big thing coming out of Los Angeles’ indie-leaning confines, what with both Ryan Gosling’s Dead Man’s Bones project and Karen O’s first single from Dave Eggers’ film adapatation Where The Wild Things Are, which boasts, in addition to a bunch of Pitchforky boldfaced names (Bradford Cox, the other two Yeah Yeah Yeahs), backing vocals from “an untrained children’s choir.” I guess this can sort of be some sort of leading indicator as far as rock music / people who are in the demographic that’s most loud about the sort of rock music they consume Growing Up (see also: pioneering online sex mag Nerve’s parenting-centric offshoot Babble). As far as the music goes, I much prefer Gosling’s morbid kid-assisted project to O’s first Wild Things offering; the falsetto-heavy “All Is Love” sounds much more grating than it should be, like if a band was given the task of recreating an Arcade Fire song with the obstacle that they were forced to ingest helium immediately beforehand. Also, every person I have sent this link to so far this morning has replied to me with some sort of anti-Eggers broadside, so, y’know, feel free to contribute yours, if you feel so inclined. Or, hell, a defense! We need an argument to start off the week, I think.Where The Wild Things Are [MySpace] Earlier: All Dead Man’s Bones coverage