Britney Spears To New York: “Stalk Me For Fabulous Prizes”

noah | August 24, 2009 2:00 pm

Pop supernova Britney Spears is hosting one of those Twitter scavenger hunt contests, with the grand prize being two front-row tickets to her show tonight at New York’s Madison Square Garden. The search’s object? Well, it’s apparently for the singer herself. (I know.) Lest you think that “find Britney Spears in New York” is a mission that’s dependent on one’s ability to come up with the right formula that employs the Starbucks site’s “search by store” function and one’s innate ability to detect the paparazzi’s signature scent of slightly musty desperation, she’s offering clues up via Twitter. The first one:

“My hiding spot is a guilty pleasure and I will be there at 6 PM…. “

So, maybe the Starbucks thing isn’t so off? Huh. Imagine if Nyla was still open? Although I guess with enough stunts like this, it probably would have lasted longer than it did…Britney Spears [Twitter]