Aubrey O’Day Rushes Into The “Worst Lyric Of The Week” Race With Her Bizarre Reworking Of New Order

noah | August 24, 2009 4:30 pm

Apparently former Danity Kane screecher Aubrey O’Day is getting all of her musical ideas from radio stations with ’80s-centric playlists. First there was her horrific cover of Eddie Murphy’s “Party All The Time,” which at least made Murphy’s performance of the song seem like utter genius. (Not that I didn’t like it before, but holy wow.) And now she’s released a new track, “Never Fallin’,” which is about mean people on the Internet who are Just Jealous and which is based around a wholesale lifting of New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle.” And guess what—it even includes a reworked lyric for the “Triangle” chorus! Lyrics after the jump. Brace yourself.

Every time they see us ballin’ They get down on their knees and hate Waiting for the day we fall off so They can come and take our place

Yes, it is about “haters.” I swear I am not making this up. Here is the song, in case you want to hear for yourself.

So what’s worse, this or the Lloyd lyric in which he compares a hottie to Kurt Cobain’s suicide? I’m leaning toward Lloyd, if only because the rest of his output is pretty beloved, while sitting through the Danity Kane set at Z100’s Zootopia last year was one of the most aurally horrific experiences of my life. But I’m open to suggestions! Aubrey O’Day – Never Fallin’ [YouTube] [HT MTV]