Madonna Is Now Hung Up On Lil Wayne

noah | August 26, 2009 3:30 pm
The final track listing for Madonna’s forthcoming greatest-hits comp Celebration has been released, and apparently one of the new tracks on the album will be a collaboration between Madge and Lil Wayne. The song’s a “True Blue”-gone-dark ditty called “Revolver,” and a very low-quality rip of it apparently leaked all the way back in May, as evidenced by the YouTube above. Unless that track was all part of an elaborate fake-out, and the real collab will be on a song of Weezy’s called “Hot Revolver,” which was released to iTunes back in March as part of the rollout for the months-delayed rock album Rebirth? I embed, you decide, after the jump.
Celebration – Track Listing for CD/DVD Announced [Madonna] MADONNA FT LIL WAYNE REVOLVER!!! [YouTube] Lil Wayne – Hot Revolver [YouTube]