Having Amy Winehouse At Your Wedding Could Be Way More Expensive Than The Cost Of An Open Bar

noah | August 28, 2009 12:00 pm

Do any of you out there watch Bridezillas? I think it’s a telling commentary on the current moment that so many of the crazyperson weddings featured within are pretty low-budget affairs—hell, there was even one woman on the show who catered her own reception as a way of cutting costs. But really, who has money to throw around anymore in an era where Vh1’s “Fabulous Life Of…” specials are more interesting for the aftermath of their feature-ees, many of whom are currently broke and/or in jail and/or definitely not as “fabulous” as they were back in the day? Which is why this just-released list of “the most expensive wedding bands” (topped, of course, by the Rolling Stones) seems so oddly timed. I know August is a tough time for the music-news feature well, but in the post-Madoff era is there anyone with $8.176 million to blow on just the band? At least with that sort of food budget, you can get, like, an ice sculpture of the married couple. Anyway, the list of the big-money artists—which somehow includes Jennifer Lopez?!—after the jump. 1. The Rolling Stones – up to £5 million ($8.176m) 2. Sir Elton John – up to £2 million ($3.27m) – Kylie Minogue – up to £2 million ($3.27m) 4. Christina Aguilera – up to £1.5 million ($2.45m) 5. George Michael – £1.3 million ($2.45m) 6. Amy Winehouse – £1 million ($1.64m) – Sir Paul McCartney – £1 million ($1.64m)) – Leona Lewis – £1 million ($1.64m)) – Jennifer Lopez – £1 million ($1.64m) 10. Barry Manilow – £750,000 ($1.23m) 11. Rod Stewart – £600,000 ($981,000) 12. Duran Duran – £500,000 ($818,000) If I had that money to spend on Manilow, I would request that he only do his commercial jingles:

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