Drunk Def Leppard Fan Turns Into Pyromaniac After Getting Kicked Out Of Show

noah | August 28, 2009 1:30 pm

How not to react after you get tossed from a concert, courtesy a 28-year-old man who got the boot from a Def Leppard show in Utah after being drunk (but who apparently wasn’t smashed enough to successfully sneak back into the show before being caught by the venue’s security guards one more time):

Instead of trying to re-enter the show, however, he went to a field just west of the amphitheater and started a fire…. The fire truck could not immediately reach the flames because the concertgoers were leaving the show, according to a jail booking statement. The fire burned a 30-by 50-foot patch before it was extinguished.

Let this be a lesson to you, people who get forced out of the Reading and Leeds Festivals for stagediving: The pyrotechnics need to stay on the stage. It’s for your own safety! Plus if you get tossed into jail, your musical deprivation will go on even longer.Man kicked out of concert starts nearby field on fire [Salt Lake Tribune via Buzzgrinder]Def Leppard – Photograph [Dailymotion]