The Five Best Sales Showdowns Taking Place This Fall

noah | August 28, 2009 4:00 pm

The folks at industry rag Hits have a handy chart of the albums coming out in the last months of the year, which, who knows, may be the last one in which a chart like this is even necessary! But even though we’re a long way from the days of 50 Cent and Kanye West squaring off on the anniversary of 9/11, it’s still sort of fun to see what CDs will be landing at America’s retailers on the same day. After the jump, five of the best battles that could arise from the coming release-date schedule. (Marketing departments, get your beef stew recipes ready!)Sept. 22: Mika vs. Three Days Grace In which we will all learn, once again, that the endorsement of Perez Hilton has nothing on being loved by the corporate-rock-adoring dude masses when it comes to album sales.Sept. 29: Alice In Chains and AFI vs. Mariah Carey, Madonna, Paramore, Miranda Lambert, and Barbra Streisand vs. Vampire Weekend Boys rule! Girls drool! Vampire Weekend sit by and makes a droll aside!Oct. 13: Twilight: New Moon vs. Everyone Else Psst, Shakira. You might want to push the release of She Wolf up a week, since something tells me that you’d handily outsell Toby Keith. I know you’re trying to appeal to the biologically minded youth of today, but you’re no match for Robert Pattinson’s sparkliness.Oct. 27: Creed vs. Jack Johnson Mainly because the statistics show that Creed’s 2004 greatest-hits album has, to date, outsold Johnson’s 2007 album Sleep Through The Static by some 424,000 copies. Barring some crazy last-minute Wal-Mart deal, the new record from Scott Stapp & Co. will likely struggle to even reach a tenth of that mark in its first week out.Nov. 24: Susan Boyle vs. Lil Wayne OK, so it’s unlikely that Weezy’s long-delayed rock effort Rebirth will come out that day (or ever). But c’mon, who among us wouldn’t love to someday see a collaboration between him and the Britain’s Got Talent-bred belter? [Hits]