Lady GaGa Solidifies Her Position As This Generation’s Pantsless Diane Warren

noah | August 31, 2009 9:30 am

Michael Bolton, the adult-contemporary crooner who pretty much set the groundwork for a lot of yarling post-grungers with his semi-strangled style of belting, is on the comeback trail! He has a new album, One World One Love, coming out next month, and in order to get in with the “kids,” he’s enlisted the help of popular songwriters of now like Ne-Yo and Lady GaGa. The GaGa collaboration, “Murder My Heart,” leaked over the weekend, and, well… it certainly sounds like it was made in 2009, with its punch-ins and digitized-to-next-week backing track. Clip after the jump. And here’s a quote purportedly from Bolton about what it was like to work with the GaGster: “She reminded me of a young Madonna—with more exuberance and emphasis on the art rather than the marketing.” BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh jeez. Can the two even be separated these days? Murder My Heart Lady GaGa – Michael Bolton [YouTube; HT sheena beaston]