Is “Pork & Beans” Really The Third-Best Music Video Of The Past Ten Years?

noah | August 31, 2009 12:00 pm

Just in time for the arguing over their Top 500 Tracks Of The Decade list to die down, the folks at Pitchfork have put together another end-of-the-oughts ranking for people to nitpick—this time, a list of the 50 best music videos of the past 10 years. To these eyes, it seems a little novelty-heavy, particularly in its upper echelons—“Trapped In The Closet” at No. 2; the chocolate-rainy “Pork & Beans” at No. 3; “Dick In A Box” ahead of Kanye and Kylie at No. 13—but I suppose in the era of videos not coming down from the MTV-premiered heavens, that sort of “get it? GET IT??” trickery is what makes clips stand out. (The fact that I would likely top my personal list with their No. 6—Pulp’s multi-layered parody “Bad Cover Version”—probably bears out that assertion.) Anyway, feel free to get angry in the comments section!The Top 50 Music Videos Of The 2000s [Pitchfork]