Kelly Clarkson Fans’ Sympathy Ends At Their Wallets

noah | September 1, 2009 10:00 am

Inaugural American Idol Kelly Clarkson is doing a late-summer tour of state fairs, although breathing in all the greasy midway dust must have gotten to her: She canceled her Sunday night show at the Minnesota State Fair because of undisclosed “vocal issues.” The fair is giving people refunds for their tickets, but that’s not enough to satisfy some people out there. At least, that’s the case according to a Twitter search conducted by Minnesota’s public-radio station!

“Kelly Clarkson you owe me $20 for parking, $11 for admission and $30 for the food I ate – for canceling at the State Fair!” Twitter user redquake wrote Sunday night. “What about the $5 bus ride? and the $11 to get into the fair? what are you going to do about that kelly clarkson?” Twitter user julesdash added.

And those were the slightly nicer messages, with other Twitter users calling her a whore, getting generally mad, and hinting at shenanigans. Of course, the Internet + even the most threadbare reason to complain will always add up to people complaining on the Internet, but still, it’s kind of scary how people who were excited enough to shell out for a ticket can turn on a dime once their hopes are dashed? I’d hate to give any of these people a birthday present they didn’t like! I mean, jeez. (And selfishly, I hope Kelly recovers soon, because I’m supposed to see her at the Great Allentown Fair on Thursday night. Idolator meetup?) Despite refunds, Kelly Clarkson’s cancellation irks fans [Minnesota Public Radio]