Vh1 Can’t Stop Getting Behind Bret Michaels

noah | September 1, 2009 10:30 am

Scarred by its forays into tawdriness going a little too far, Vh1 has put out a press release touting its fall and winter schedule, which is actually anchored by more than one show that’s tangentially related to music. (This must be why its headline uses the word “rockin'” as a verb.) Perhaps the most interesting among them to Idolator readers is the rebirth of Behind The Music, the docudrama series that became so iconic, it inspired multiple parodies. (Being ideal fodder for weekend days spent on the couch, whether alone or in a Beavis And Butt-Head-ish situation with friends, surely helped.) What’s notable about BtM‘s forthcoming six-episode run is that a full 33% of its shows will be reruns, of a sort. The series returns next Thursday with an episode about Lil Wayne—a worthy subject, to be sure. And the Bobby Brown one, even though it’s coming on the heels of the 2005 BtM about New Edition, will probably have at least some extra police-blotter material in its coffers. But did the world really need an update on the doings of “love”-hungry Vh1 star Bret Michaels, whose sometime-band Poison was a subject of the show 10 years ago—particularly because Michaels’ most notable doings in this millennium have been splashed all over Vh1 for the past three years? I mean, unless there’s some sort of exposé regarding just what is under that bandanna in order, this episode seems like it might be the least essential of the upcoming run—which is a feat, given that another subject in the coming round of episodes is the deathless capitalist 50 “Curtis” Cent. VH1 Keeps Rockin’ in Fall 2009 With All-New Music Extravaganzas, Documentaries, Specials… [Reuters]