Tokio Hotel’s Frontman Reveals That He’s Either A Robot Or A Real Doll

noah | September 2, 2009 3:00 pm

Internet-popular German mope-rockers Tokio Hotel have said that the title of their new album Humanoid is borne from their popularity in both Anglophone and German-speaking countries, and their desire to . What, then, to make of the cover for said record, which looks not unlike a Terminator 2 poster that’s been stripped of all its red shadings? Is frontman Bill Kaulitz trying to tell us that he feels sick of being “controlled” by his fans? Or made to feel like just another interchangeable part by superproducers The Matrix? Or is he just trying to make nice with the BoingBoing crowd, knowing that they’ll never want to download his music if he keeps getting photographed wearing eyeliner? So many questions! Tokio Hotel’s ‘Humanoid’ Album Cover Art Revealed! (Maybe/ Probably!) [MTV Buzzworthy]