Chris Brown Is Ready To Move On To The Self-Promotional Stage Of His Punishment

noah | September 8, 2009 9:30 am

Chris Brown announced over the weekend that Graffiti, his third studio album and first full-length since he pled guilty to assault, is all ready for release: “GRAFFITI!!!! COMIN SOON…. JUST FINISHED IT…HANDS DOWN … MY BEST ALBUM… THATS ALL IMA GIVE AWAY RIGHT NOW..” he Tweeted on Saturday, adding yesterday, “I HONESTLY DONT THINK THE GAME IS READY FOR THE RECORDZ I GOT COMING OFF THE NEW ALBUM…. (not tryna be cocky)!!!!lol” lol, indeed. No release date has been announced for the album yet.

Also, Brown tried to kiss up to Perez Hilton and announced that he’d spend his time in Virginia making his house the best place ever, with a foam pit (!) and everything. And he even got mobbed at the mall in a stunt that reminded me of Soapdish, sort of. You know, when Sally Field’s character arranged for an ego-boosting “celebrity sighting” at a mall in Paramus, N.J.?


That movie is prescient, I tell you.

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