Can The Former Lead Guitarist Of Korn Bring 50 Cent To Jesus?

noah | September 9, 2009 3:00 pm

Here is a quote from former KoRn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, he of the books about his post-KoRN conversion to Christianity and the tours with other religiously nu-metallic artists like Flyleaf, talking about how during a speed-fueled Bible binge one day, he passed a note to 50 Cent—via their mutual jeweler???—about being saved by Jesus:

JM: I heard that you began an orphanage out in India. What inspired you to start that? Brian: When I read a scripture, I was so strung out on drugs. Like coming off of them, you know? It was like, I saw scripture and be, like… I’d go run and try to do it, and feed the poor. I was like, “I’m going to India to feed the poor!” You know, leave everything. I sold my house and we left town. [laughs] Like, I was going crazy, but it was funny because I showing God that I wasn’t afraid to obey. It was wacky, but it was still fun. I felt like He told me to go to 50 Cent and write a letter to him, and tell him Jesus wants to save him, too. I was like, “Alright, God!” and I went and found his jeweler. I bought some diamonds off of him and I gave him a note and he was like, “I’m gonna go see 50 in, like, three days.” ‘Cause they’re developing a business. I go, “Give him this note.” It was a long letter saying Jesus wants to save him. [laughs] JM: [laughs] Did you get a response back from that? Brian: Nah. But thank you Lord, that I was out of my mind and wacky, and coming off Speed. Thank you for making me sane again.

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall in that jewelry shop when that particular missive was passed along. Although… what if 50 reads this, scratches his head, and says, “hey wait a second… What note???” I mean, it’s a long way down from the “Candy Shop” to the couch next to a gently mocking Kathie Lee, you know. This interview might result in Vitamin Water being turned into wine, people! [Examiner; HT Fark] [Photos: Getty] [IMPORTANT NOTE: Usually I am very suspicious of anything emanating from an site, since they seem to be little more than a bunch of search-engine optimization tricks underneath a “newsy” domain name. (More on the shenanigans they engage in, and their shady owner, is at ASSME.) But this is actually from a direct interview, so no worries.]