Guns N’ Roses: Touring, But Not Hitting India (Yet) (Maybe) (Possibly) (Oh, I Don’t Know)

noah | September 10, 2009 2:00 pm

Yesterday there was scuttlebutt that Axl Rose and whatever band of merry men he decides to call Guns N’ Roses would be hitting India in November, and while those reports seemed sketchy and are still completely uncorroborated, there’s a somewhat-more-confirmed itinerary for the band in December: GNR will allegedly hit Taiwan, Japan, and Korea then. And by “somewhat-more-confirmed,” I mean that the shows actually have a commercial! It’s after the jump.

The alleged dates so far—the date in Korea hasn’t made its way to the Internet yet: Dec. 11 – Taipei Dec. 16 – Osaka Dec. 19 – Tokyo Whether this’ll be a prelude to any American dates—or, I don’t know, a one-off show at the South Pole or something—should probably not be speculated upon until the first encore on Dec. 11 is done, I think. GN’R Asian Tour: Japanese Dates Announced [GNR Daily] Earlier: Oh My God: Is Guns N’ Roses Going To Tour India? [HT Antiquiet]