A Reminder About Tonight’s Video Music Awards Liveblog: The Blog Will Be Coming From Inside The House

noah | September 13, 2009 12:30 pm

Just a reminder that tonight I’ll be live-blogging this year’s MTV Video Music Awards beginning at 8 p.m. ET, and in what I guess is an upgrade from my normal live-blogging stations on various couches around the country, tonight’s transmissions will be coming to you live from the awards’ “media compound” on-site in New York City. And in what is either someone playing a joke on the Internet or a last-ditch effort to drum up some buzz for the telecast, a “winners list” that’s heavy on the GaGa leaked yesterday. It’s naturally been discounted by the network’s house organ, but it’ll sure be useful as a cheat sheet for tonight! Check it out after the jump. Apparently GaGa’s performance might be “a classic”? Whatever, she already set her boobs on fire, so unless there’s some self-immolation involved I’m gonna say that said proclamation is a lot of hype. [List via Rap Radar]