Lil Mama’s Run-In: The Stage Crash That Didn’t Make Anyone Forget About Kanye

noah | September 14, 2009 11:00 am

Hey, did you hear about that hip-hop artist who showed up on stage unannounced at last night’s VMAs? No, not Kanye West, the other one. Lip-gloss aficionado/MTV dance competition judge Lil Mama also made herself an unwelcome presence on the Video Music Awards’ stage, joining Jay-Z and Alicia Keys as they closed out the show with “Empire State Of Mind.” As the song ended, she got up on stage and, after fruitlessly trying to get Jay’s attention, just sort of stood there. Video after the jump, at around the five-minute mark. You can also see the cameraman trying to frame her out of the shot! Oh well, at least it started a more fun Twitter meme than the bitching about Kanye. (Although be warned, fans of governmental procedure—the Joe Wilson comparisons are flying there, too, thanks to Jay’s relative stature.)Empire State Of Mind (Live) [MTV]