Kanye West Is Still Sorry

noah | September 15, 2009 9:00 am

Schticky talk-show host Jay Leno may be not so into having musicians as regular guests on his primetime-killing program, which premiered last night. But as it turned out, booking musicians for the opening installment of his new show proved lucky, as one of the people scheduled to perform was none other than Kanye West, whose outburst at Sunday night’s Video Music Awards was still burning up the Internet when he stopped by Jay’s studio yesterday. So he took some time out to apologize to the public yet again, and this time he even got a “what would your mother think?” upbraiding by the late-night king himself. I think taking a break is a capital idea, although I know all too well that when people say they’re going to quit being in the spotlight self-enforcement is the toughest thing. We might as well expect another multi-day clusterfuck like this one next year, because ratings for the VMAs were their highest since 2004. If you had asked me on Sunday afternoon whether or not the numbers for this telecast would have even matched last year’s Britney-redemption installment, I would have said something to the effect of “pssht.” Oh, the power of the Internet!Kanye West [The Jay Leno Show]