Katharine McPhee: Over Her Brown Hair, Not Over Classic Adult-Contemporary Stylings

noah | September 15, 2009 9:30 am

Season five American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee has a new hair color (she’s a blonde) to go along with her new album, which is currently slated to come out in the new year (its release date is 01/05/10, making it the first specific 2010 release date to cross my transom). I actually liked a few tracks on McPhee’s first album—the Kara DioGuardi/Danja-penned “Love Story” really should have been a bigger hit—but “Say Goodbye,” which is apparently not Unbroken‘s first single but which was released ahead of the album this week, is a bit of a snoozer that sounds like it was crafted for Lite-FM playlists circa 1996. Which becomes less surprising when you realize that it was written by a team of Nashville songsmiths that includes two-thirds of the team behind Lonestar’s unkillable “Amazed.”Clip after the jump.

I mean, I guess it’s nice? I don’t mind subtlety, but there’s something about this that feels very… Walgreens-ish. You know?Katharine McPhee – Say Goodbye [YouTube]Katharine McPhee [Official site]